Vegan "Cheese"cakes

Our vegan "cheese"cakes shock and delight everyone who tries them. It's not uncommon for fans of our "cheese"cakes to boast "these are the best I've ever had!" They aren't just "good for being vegan" either; they are incredibly delicious compared to any cheesecake! It's not just their flavor that will keep you enjoying "cheese"cakes one after another- it's also how surprisingly healthy they are! We use all organic, vegan, gluten free and top of the line ingredients that are packed with nutrients. Every single ingredient is carefully sourced to make sure Heather Foods products give you nothing but the best in flavor and nutrition in every bite. Try one for yourself today by visiting one of the many local stores in Las Vegas that carry our vegan products or get your own special local delivery when you order online here.

  • Original Vegan "Cheese"cake

    Original Vegan "Cheese"cake

    100% plant-based “Cheese”cake made with an organic raw cashew filling with a touch of organic lemon juice for a light tartness!  Tons of people comment how much the prefer it over conventional cheesecake because it has a wonderful...

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  • Strawberry Vegan "Cheese"cake (Half-Dozen)

    Strawberry Vegan "Cheese"cake (Half-Dozen)

    Strawberry lovers will swoon over this sensational twist on our traditional "Cheese"Cake. This product isn't currently in production, but we are happy to do special orders for you anytime. Minimum order quantity: 6 individual servings

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  • Vegan Key Lime Pie

    Vegan Key Lime Pie

    100% plant-based Key Lime Pie made with an organic raw cashew filling and a heavy dose of fresh lime juice for a decidedly lime-y taste!  This is the most popular flavor in our “cheese”cake lineup for a good reason

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