Vegan Cookies

Are you looking for vegan food in Las Vegas? If so, you found the right place! My name is Heather... and I have a cookie addiction. It started when I was young and I have baked thousands for myself, friends and family. Eventually I was asked for cookies so often that Heather Foods was born. My cookies aren't just delicious, they are also far more healthy than traditional cookies! I am a vegan obsessed with nutrition and flavor. Each cookie is made from the best ingredients that I've meticulously sourced to my high standards. Every opportunity I get I source my products all the way to the farm they come from to ensure the quality from the ground to your plate. These cookies are all gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, and organic. You can find my cookies at Naturally Organic and Pure Health stores in Las Vegas or order online for your own special local delivery.