Where To Buy

 Online Ordering NOW AVAILABLE!!

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 Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers now carries a variety of Heather Foods vegan “cheese”cakes and Tiramisu!!

Natural Grocers is located at:

6305 Simmons St
Las Vegas, NV 89031


Chef Kenny's Asian Vegan Restaurant

Chef Kenny's serves slices of Heather Foods vegan Tiramisu, Chocolate “Cheese”cake, Strawberry "Cheese"cake!

Chef Kenny's is located at:

6820 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89146


 Herbally Grounded

Herbally Grounded now carries a variety of Heather Foods vegan “cheese”cakes and mousse!!

Herbally Grounded is located at:

4441 W Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89102


 Pure Health

Pure Health now carries a variety of Heather Foods vegan “cheese”cakes and mousse!!

Pure Health is located at:

7575 W Washington Ave #129
Las Vegas, NV 89128


Special Orders in the Las Vegas area

Need a platter of healthy, delicious cookies for your next event?

Need a vegan dessert option for your holiday gathering?

Just shoot us an email or give a call so we can special make cookies and “cheese”cakes for you =)

We can drop them off to you or have them ready for you to pick up at the next Farmers Market – whatever works for you!

Feel free to contact us to be notified when products are available in your area.